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call girl stockholm sexy pantyhose

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Borders on Nominal Hero ; she's doing a brutal deed for a good cause with completely selfish motivations. Does Not Like Men : Rumors have spread about her not liking men, as all of the student council members are female, and the president must approve of someone before they're allowed to join the student council. Sailor Fuku : Every student rival that is, all of them except Muja Kina (substitute nurse) and Mida Rana (substitute teacher) wears the standard Akademi uniform. In Mission Mode, she works with a hitman, and the Info-chan from the main timeline "wouldn't be opposed to it". Multiple Endings : Senpai will develop different complexes depending on how Yan-chan eliminates the rivals.

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In-game, she responds to photos of your murder victims with nothing more than "good work, but I don't need photos like this". Meaningful Name : Senpai's placeholder name, Taro Yamada, is about as generic a name as the default design for Senpai (being a rough, Japanese equivalent to John Smith or John Doe). Even for Senpai himself, she has no empathy. Shipper with an Agenda : Since she's hooking up her rivals with other boys so she can have Senpai all her to herself. Sasha Fae In: Tie Down Those Hands With That Crotch Rope (Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size) A very fun little production, featuring Sasha Fae in progressive bondage. . Chick Magnet : He's very popular with the female student body, but not at the start of the game. Peek-a-Bangs : Her first hairstyle was like this, as part of her unsettling appearance. All he was told was that Sasha Fae has itand to take out all the stops in getting it, including binding and gagging the gorgeous brunette until she felt compelled to tell him where. . Punny Name : YandereDev stated that he wanted a name that allowed her In-Series Nickname to be Yan-chan, an abbreviation of Yandere-chan offering Ayana, Ayano, and Ayane as possibilities. Note  YanDev has said that student rivals who are neither killed nor expelled (i.e. Available at UnlimitedBondage On Demand and Clips4Sale for.99 Sasha Fae Stars In: The Trick IS The Treat (Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size) He thinks Halloween stinks, so witch Sasha Fae is sent to straighten him out. . If Yan-chan is in the Occult Club and one of the other members sees her commit murder, Oka will kick her out on the basis that Yan-chan is too scary. Four of your rivals are club presidents. She is Senpai's Tsundere childhood friend and secretly harbors feelings for him. If you send her enough photos of an undisguised Nemesis, she will be quite succinct in telling you to stay the hell away from her. Upon inquiry, Oka says the Occult Club's goal is to "develop a resistance to horrific and terrifying things. Had a request for a straight up kidnap kinda film, and was very happy to fulfill. . Conveniently Seated : Word of God jokes that he has "the main character chair" seated in the back next to the window. Available at Clips4Sale, Tie Those Hands Down sells for.99.

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In this plotline, she would tell Ayano to make herself useful and demand that Kokona change it for Kizana because confronting Kokona herself is beneath her. This idea has since been scrapped. Bi the Way : Senpai can be male or female, yet the rivals are Always Female, and adding a Spear Counterpart to Ayano is a proposed stretch goal. Dom Stacie Snow seems to know all the answers and annoys her fellow abductor of Sasha to no enda state that winds up with Stacie joining Sasha in tight, stringent bondage! The developer has said she functions as a tutorial of sorts though there is also likely to be an actual tutorial to teach new players basic mechanics before Osana's week officially begins. I deserve it more than anyone else. He stated her real name will probably never be revealed, since it's not important. It has the practical effect of concealing her identity when she commits murder and the cosmetic effect of making her look really scary, but It Only hardcore bondage massage vasastan Works Once since the headmaster will ban them afterwards. Sasha Fae and Stacie Snow Star In: Pretty Little Package. Additionally, killing someone with a group of students nearby will result in them actively joining up to bring her down. Note however that the developer has openly discussed changing her hairstyle to rectify the Kokona problem described above. All this, on top of her also being somehow in the know about Yan-chan's true nature and the secrets of Akademi High. Twitchy Eye : If her sanity is low enough, she'll start to twitch a lot. He ( or she, eventually ) is around 18 years old, has a "Loner" personality, and is in Class 3-2. call girl stockholm sexy pantyhose

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